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Our Team Has Decades of Experience

Our project team has decades of experience that translates into beautiful finished projects. Every person on our team was choosen for their outstanding work, excellent communication skills, and being all around great people. We are very proud of our team and we think you will be too.

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Client Testimonials

“We appreciated their attention to all the small details, which were important to us, and the pride they took in building a quality home.”


A custom home to meet your family’s needs

If you are considering having a brand new home built from the ground up, you have to hire the best home builder in Logan, Utah to do the job for you. When you hire our team, not only will we listen to your family’s needs, to develop a great blueprint for the home, but also your desires in terms of luxury finishes, to meet all your wants in a new home. We also have existing blueprints of homes that we can build for you.


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Brand new finishes

A great benefit of building a custom home from the ground up, is everything is brand new. The appliances have never been used, the bathrooms have never been used, and you decide on all the finishes. When working with us to build your home, you can discuss all the finishes and detail you want in the home. From granite in the kitchen, to wood cabinet finishes, all stainless steel appliances, a dual vanity in the master, and more. No matter what finishes or luxury style you want, our team at J&C Custom Homes can install it.

Any location

If you want a home in the remote areas of Cache County, or to live in the middle of Logan where the action is, you can discuss these details with our home building team as well. As long as the foundation is solid, and permits can be attained to build the home, we can do the job for you, anywhere you want to live in the region. You can live where you want, in a home with all the finishes and details you want, when you choose to have a custom home built.

Floor plan that meets your needs

Many home owners will want to add an additional room, or tear something down, several years after living in a home. If you are the type of person that needs the rooms perfectly laid out, then building a custom home with a local home builder in Logan Utah is the ideal solution. Not only can you discuss the floor plan layout that you like, but also the size of the rooms, the closets, and everything else in the home. Even the exterior; from the patio and deck, we can do it all for you. We will work on plans which will not only exceed your development plans, but will also result in a home that is structurally sound, and safe for you and your family to live in.

If you have always wanted your dream home, and are considering moving to a new home, why not consider the option to build one from ground up. With the right home builder Logan Utah, not only will the construction be completed in a timely fashion, we will also do the work for a price you can afford. And, you decide on all the details, colors, and luxury finishes you want, when it is time for you to move in to the new home.